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Series 2.2

When you drop into that perfect turn, hovering above water on the foil, completely one with the board, experiencing flight… you’ll remember that moment for the rest of your life.

FLITE Foil Technology

Art meets physics for the ultimate ride
Height. Balance. Serenity.

There’s a reason most people ride Fliteboard. It’s the multi-tool of eFoils. Whether you want to cruise the intracoastal or push the limits in waves – Fliteboard suits the widest range of skill levels and conditions.

flite engine


Flite has aligned forces to create better balance by positioning the motor thrust in line with the main wing. Just like a mid-engine car.

With thinner and lighter components it eliminates drag and delivers an ultra-smooth hydrodynamic performance.

flite boards

Perfectly Proportioned

From beginners to pro, young to old, anyone up to 100kg can Fliteboard.


The buoyant 100l Fliteboard allows for a quick & stable aquaplaning experience and is easily maneuverable once foiling. The balance allows for a quick & stable aquaplaning experience.

flite remote


The Virtual Gears system lets you balance the board and not the trigger.


Virtual gears make learning a breeze.

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